!drawings behind the scenes


Hi there, everyone! Real life happens! We just thawed out from 7" of snow and ice here in Austin. Power outages, water shortages, boil orders and freezing temperatures hurt so many people. Jonathan and I were fortunate to be in good shape but so many had it so bad. We missed 6 days of school around two weekends and 1 holiday. A few days later now and it's in the 70s and not a trace of snow. Many people are only just getting their water back so while it looks over, some are still suffering. And of course, everyone is still dealing with Covid-19 restrictions. What a crazy time.

But the work on Lady Lydian's Adventure goes on! Jonathan is doing all of the drawings first this time around. Then he will paint them all. Here is a drawing of Sir Dorian and Lady Lydian dancing across Xylophone Bridge!

Hannah finished editing the text a few weeks ago. There is a bit more story this time, though the focus is still (and always will be) on ending each quest with your own music. Have a great day everyone!!