Dropping in to say hi today and hope you're all well! I've been trying to discover ...

all there is to learn about being an author. Up until now, it's just been about the story, about encouraging kids to read and be creative with music. I always want it to be about the kids. But, there are realities too - how do you get published? How do you get printed books made? Who makes the actual book files? WoW! It's a lot that can distract you from the actual thing you're doing.

So, I think it's important to keep grounded. Every time I work on the project, I stop a minute and remind myself - "this is not about you. It's about kids (and adults) making music and reading for more than just a story. It's about doing something creative instead of vegging in front of the TV or technology or video games. It's about pretending and creating and fun."