...describing the feeling


Describing the feeling of seeing your very own project, that started as a crazy, lockdown induced brainstorm ....

Dear friend - I think about you lots! I was thinking of you yesterday when I asked my publisher, patiently (not), when my first book would begin to be available again. Well, I thought it would be sooner but imagine the feeling when he sent me a link to see the progress and it looked like this!! That is me and my friend Jonathan on the Barnes & Noble website! Nothing says legit like the internet, right? (That's true and a joke at the same time!) The feeling was amazing - crazy, really. How an idea can go from far-fetched to reality. All I did was do the thing. And then I spoke up about it. What thing do you want to do? Do it! Then, after you do - take the risk and show it to people. Talk it up. Find a tribe. Make it happen.

And if you just told yourself you couldn't do that - you lied. Get out of your own way. Do it. I believe in you!