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Did you get to meet our newest Knight of Musical Acres? Lady Lydian and her fanciful sidekick Lora! There are some sweet meanings of ...

the names of the characters! Lady Lydian is a Latina musician who comes barreling in to Musical Acres looking for her fanciful pal Lora. Lora is a Macaw and her name is Spanish for parrot. It was interesting as I explored the translation for parrot and some background. Turns out, all parrots are Macaws but not all Macaws are parrots. I don't know why but I love that! Lydian is another musical mode. If you didn't know that Dorian was one of the modes that music can be written in, Lydian is another of the 7 modes. They each have different characteristics.

Musicians and music teachers who use the book can use it to expose students to the different modes OR they can use it to teach them to use them in creating their own music. The power of story in our lives is so strong that even though most people would say our books are for young children and grade school kids, I BELIEVE that adults who can appreciate stories, art, music and creativity can enjoy and even use our books too! Besides, we adults need to have more FUN!

Picture it - a bunch of adult friends around a campfire taking an instrument or some kind of object that makes sound and improvising rhythms or songs! They could be transported into Musical Acres - imagine it!