Do you ever step out into something and then wonder what you have done? Well ....

Lady Lydian and her friend Lora are our new friends in Musical Acres. As always, Jonathan's art is BREATHTAKING, fun and just perfect for the vibe in Musical Acres. But, in the end it takes hours and hours and sometimes you just think it will never be done. Like no matter how many details you find to improve, there will always be one more little detail. When do you call it done? Well, I'm not sure. But I do know this: Determination and grit are it.

I am so proud of the hours and hours of creativity, work, learning, fundraising, editing, and detailing it took to make Quest 2 a reality. But, it's done. We submitted the final submission today. In two weeks it will be real.

Which is a good thing because Book 3 is right behind! Get the series - you won't regret the time you spend making music with friends, kiddos. So. Much, Fun. Inspiration. Music. Reading. Creativity and expression in real time.