Daunting moments in the quest


Daunting scenarios heighten the need for determination when on a journey like ....

this one when we really didn't know what we were doing. I always say "there's a season for starting" and I'm right. There's a lot of forgiveness when it comes to starting out. It's our own selves we have trouble forgiving - thinking somehow we "should have known." Well, how could we?

I knew I had an amazing idea. Jonathan knew how to illustrate. We knew the result would be something we could be proud of. But, how do you market a book with a teacher budget? How do you raise funds to support the idea? We did it - using what we knew, who was willing to help, and what we could find out. In two weeks from the delivery of the books, we had 2 copies of our book left out of 100 and no "book deal" to keep it coming. Rookies!! Well, we signed on with a publisher in Austin who came recommended but that took up some of the book proceeds. We believed (and still do) that we can raise the rest of the support and get endless copies available to the world's children! Everything was going smoothly until ....

The proof copy from the new printer came in with a white edge on all of the pages. We had just set the release date (a few days ago), ordered 40 author copies and .... Screeech. Halt.

Now what? Well, the files look fine to the publisher. Could be a printing anomaly that won't happen again. OR, it could be that something in the file is causing it. But something in the way the whole thing was handled didn't sit right with me. So, we are going back to our first printer for both printing AND print on demand worldwide availability.

I am hopeful this conclusion that will produce a great result. But, in truth it's discouraging. We are looking forward to the day when the revenue from our books supports the next. Or maybe when a publisher picks us up in a more traditional way. We definitely recognize that what we have is amazing ... and have no plans for stopping!

What remains true: we need help now more than ever. Financial support is only one way. People to offer their expertise, ideas, or other resources would be great!

One thing is for sure - we are determined to face all challenges and produce a series that will be cherished by children and families - that encourages reading, creativity, music and art for generations. Whatever it takes! And we're SO glad you've chosen to come along.