did a search for my name and


Didn't believe what I saw when John (my husband) searched for my name on Amazon.com! I had only just

found out that day that our book was on Amazon but, of course, so is my namesake dish soap! I'm a one-stop-shop. You can have clean dishes, make music, and order my book!

What do you think of these ideas? I am thinking of doing a Library Tour and a Community Park Tour. Bring the book around to libraries to see if they are interested in a story time reading or in buying the book for their library. I'm also thinking of loading up the sanitizer, musical instruments, books and technology and heading out to Community Parks. I would gather the children, read the book, make some music together live and, hopefully, interest many in book 2!

Do you have thoughts? Anything you'd like to share you can email me at dawn@dawnmschafer.com. Since we started on our own Quest to bring music, creativity, and reading together for children and families we have listened to the children - we have listened to what they loved and wished for and have tried to bring in into Quest 2. I want to listen to you too!